Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation by Will Fix It and Efficient Attic Systems®

Properly installed, attic insulation is a great way to start using your attic to save money on heating and cooling bills here in San Antonio. Watch the video to learn more about the Energy Efficient Attic® system. To conduct an energy audit at your home, call the energy efficiency experts at Will Fix It today, 210-333-3300.

Attic Insulation

Your home may have insulation in the attic, but was it installed properly? What's your effective R-value? Here at Will Fix It, we know how hot it gets in San Antonio and we have answers to these questions and more. After all, when it's hot outside, it's even hotter in your attic.

With the right levels of insulation, the heat stays in the attic and keeps your air conditioner from working overtime down in the living areas of the house. Our professional insulation technicians can thoroughly evaluate your home's unique situation and recommend any additional insulation to keep your attic efficient.

Radiant Barrier

The sun is strong here in San Antonio. While attic insulation is a first line of defense against oppressive heat, our exclusive SolaShieldTM radiant barrier spray is another key component of the Efficient Attic System.  Our expert technicians spray a safe, reflective paint on the underside of your roof decking to reflect close to 80% of the sun's rays away from your attic. There are no gaps around joints or nail holes and it won't affect cell phone reception. 

Attic Ventilation

The last component of our Efficient Attic System is to make sure your attic is ventilated properly.  Your home may already have a solar attic fan or ridge vent or soffit vents.  If not, your attic may be retaining heat and moisture and causing your air conditioner to work harder. Even it you have some ventilation already, the ventilation experts at Will Fix It/EAS can evaluate if everything is functioning properly.

For more information about Efficient Attic Systems, go to to learn more.

Energy Challenge

Do you know the number-one source of wasted energy in your home, or the most energy-efficient position to keep your faucet in? Play the ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Energy Challenge game and find out ways to make your home more efficient and save you money.

Attic Insulation FAQ

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