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(1) Was the customer service person you spoke with courteous and helpful?
Please Explain (if No)
(2) When the dispatcher called to see if you where home were they clear and polite?
Please Explain (if No)
(3) Did the technician arrive close to the time that the dispatcher said they would?
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(4) Did your technician fully explain the problem to you?
Please Explain (if No)
(5) Did the technician give you the price upfront before he started the job?
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(6) Did the technician leave the job site clean? Ten being cleanest
(7) Did the technician explain the advantages of our Home Service Plan?
Please Explain (if No)
(8) How would you rate the service of your technician? Ten being the best.
(9) Did the service technician wear floor savers on his shoes?
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(10) Was the price of the work done about what was expected?
(11) How would you rate the overall service of Will Fix It? Ten being best.
(12) Would you recommend Will Fix It to your friends and family?
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