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San Antonio Plumbing Services
Back-flow Preventer

These are safety devices that protect the water supply to our homes and offices. It keeps contaminated water from flowing into our clean water. All major cities through out the US keeps records of all that are installed and require Homeowners/ Businesses to have them tested annually for proper function.

BBQ Hook-ups

Tired of lugging those propane tanks back and forth to the refill store? We can hook up your BBQ to your homes natural gas! Never be out of gas again.


We show you, with our exclusive Drainvision™, what your drain pipes look like after we finish cleaning your lines. We also offer a program that we guarantee your lines won’t stop up for 5 years 5 months and 5 days. We call it our Tri-5 program. Just ask your plumbing specialist for details.

Garbage Disposals

Wimpy, noisy or leaking Disposal? We offer the Piranha Kitchen Disposals™ and three models to choose from:  Budget (great for rentals) and Deluxe - comes with 10 Year Warranty, and Premier, which is the last one you will ever invest in because it comes with a lifetime warranty!!

Gas lines and repairs

Gas lines should only be installed and repaired by a trained technician.  Just call Will-Fix-It to tackle that job for you. You will have peace of mind knowing it is done safely and correctly.

Log lighter hook-up’s for your fireplace

If the thought of bringing in firewood on those really wet and cold days doesn’t sound good to you, WillFixIt can install ceramic gas logs that look realistic, are convenient, and provide a lot of heat.


Thinking about up-dating those old, tired and worn out plumbing fixtures? Give us a call and have one of our licensed plumbers help you with picking out the best fixture for your needs. If you can dream it we can do it!

Sewer line repairs and replacement

Backed-up sewer lines aren’t only inconvenient but, they could potentially pose a health hazard. Give our professionals a call and replace that troublesome line that always seems to have root problems. We can replace that line with new trenchless technology. We don't tear up your yard like the old method of replacing that old line. WillFixIt’s sewer line repair and replacement always comes with our Exceptional Service Guarantee. How is that for peace of mind?

Slab leaks

Whether it is the potable water in your home or those drain lines leaking and causing foundation problems.  We specialize in those hard to find leaks!  We use the newest technology and we continually train our specialists, so you can rest assured your home is safe with us.

Tankless Water Heaters

Never run out of hot water again!  High-efficiency tankless water heaters will also save you on your utility bills because the water is only heated when you need it.

Water Heaters

We offer three conventional models, Standard, Deluxe and Premier.  We also do inspection and repair of conventional water heaters.

Yard service water line

Our lines come with a lifetime warranty. So quit wasting water and get it fixed for good!  Many of our lines can be done by using trenchless technology also.