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Employee Spotlight

Beverly is the true definition of a “Team Player”! Within 2 ½ years, she has climbed every star in the sky to reach her current position as EAS Manager with the San Antonio ARS branch.

Beverly Fisher

Beverly Fisher Quality Assurance Manager in San Antonio, TXHer journey with Will Fix It® began eleven years ago, as a Lead Generator with Home Depot®. She was able to communicate with our customers one-on-one in a store setting, sharing our products and services with them and assisting them with setting up appointments.

After five years as a Lead Generator, Beverly was looking to expand her career within the company and was interested in working at our Will Fix It shop. A wonderful opportunity presented itself and she was excited to accept the Payroll Clerk position within our office.

She learned all aspects of her new position very quickly and displayed great time management skills. With the balanced work load, she was able to assist our A/C Install Coordinator which helped the department run smoothly and efficiently.

In 2014, Beverly was again promoted, this time to Quality Assurance Manager. She addressed all customer concerns and followed up with individual departments and technicians, to ensure that our customers were taken care of in a timely manner.

That same year, she was happy and proud to announce that her family will be growing and she was so thrilled for this next step in her family’s journey. We were all so excited and happy for her!

Being the team player that she is, Beverly couldn’t wait to come back and continue her career path with Will Fix It.

In November 2014, she became a valuable part of our accounting team, working diligently as our Home Depot Collections Specialist.

Beverly has not only demonstrated that she is a team player, but also that she is a dedicated and valuable part of the Will Fix It family.

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