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Employee Spotlight

Rosie Mason is the leader of the pack with a “Can Do” attitude! She had dedicated nine years to ARS and has proven herself to be a true asset to our company.

Rosie Mason

Rosie Mason - Plumbing Coordinator at Will Fix ItShe began her career with ARS in Corona, CA back in 1998 as a Customer Service Representative, which gave her the knowledge and foundation she needed.

Rosie and her family transitioned their lives to San Antonio, TX in 2003, and in 2006 Rosie joined the Will Fix It team as a dispatcher. With the background and experience from the time she spent working for ARS in California, she hit the ground running and proved herself to be a valuable addition to the team.

In 2013, she earned the position of our in-office Home Depot Representative, which consisted of coordinating water heater installs with our customers and efficiently dispatching our crews.

In April of this year, Rosie was offered the position of Plumbing Coordinator, which she gladly accepted. In this important role, she is responsible for making sure each and every job is taken care of from beginning to end and that her “crew,” which consists of 25 plumbers and 11 installers, is always on time and complete jobs to customer satisfaction.

She is truly a Team Player! We are very proud to have Rosie on our team and we hope that she will keep leading the pack for years to come!

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