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Employee Spotlight

Sybil Crutchfield is a shining example of what it means to “Reach for the Stars”! Within 2 ½ years, she has climbed every star in the sky to reach her current position as EAS Manager with the San Antonio ARS branch.

Sybil Crutchfield

Her journey began in November 2014, when she was hired on as one of our call center CSR’s. She quickly learned the ropes and proved herself to be a dedicated team player.


Within 14 months, she was given the title of Home Depot CSR and she played a vital role in coordinating Home Depot appointments and handling any and all customer questions along the way.

Employee Sybil Crutchfield at Will Fix It in San Antonio, TX

In October 2015, Sybil became our AOR/EAS Install Coordinator, a position which allowed her to expand her vast knowledge with EAS and our HVAC install team.

6 months later, yet another position became available which was perfectly suited for Sybil. Lead coordinator for Will Fix It. She was able to assist our team with lead generation from sources such as tech turnovers and Home Depot, ensuring that every project received the attention and customer service it deserved.

When the position of Home Depot Program Manager became available, it was no surprise that Sybil jumped at the chance to accept the position. She was responsible for 19 Home Depot stores with a team of 20 lead generators. She and the team produced amazing revenue for Home Depot and Will Fix It.

Her most recent promotion on March 2nd, 2017 to EAS Manager is well deserved. Sybil is not only dedicated to her team and the company as a whole, but she will let nothing stand in her way of success.

We are all so very proud of her and wish that she continues to reach for the brightest stars!

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