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Parts of the nation are getting drenched with April rain. Hopefully, the rain is staying outside your house, and not inside. But for some people, plumbing leaks, both big and small, will cause unexpected problems this season, potentially damaging floors, walls and ceilings.

Sometimes, if you can see the leak, you can handle it yourself. Leaks that are under the sink or behind the toilet may be fairly easy to reach and address immediately. There are those other times, though, when you need a professional, licensed plumber to diagnose the complex issues.

Hidden Leaks
As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” You may have hidden leaks in your house causing damage that you haven’t even discovered yet.

Major Leaks
Forget the small leaks! What if your entire basement is flooded? If you’ve experienced basement flooding before, you know the drill. New homeowners may not be so fortunate.

What if your pipes burst? You may have made it through one rough winter, but you can still be prepared for the potential of next winter’s busted pipes.

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