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Professional Drain Cleaning From Will Fix It

Fast-moving drains are something we usually don’t appreciate until they start to clog and slow down. For a San Antonio plumber with the experience to unclog drains all around the house, look no further than Will Fix It!

Garbage Disposal by Will Fix It

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen clogs can build up over time. For example, with food, soap, and grease moving through your kitchen sink drain all the time, you may notice it draining more slowly. At Will Fix It, we use tools like ScourJet® and DrainRight® Drain Maintainer to clear the clogs and keep pipes clear.

Toilet Drain Services

Toilet Drains

Unless you know that a toy or other object has been flushed accidentally, a clogged toilet can sometimes indicate a larger blockage in your main sewer line. If plunging it yourself was unsuccessful, call the expert plumbers at Will Fix It, and we’ll diagnose the problem quickly and get your toilet flushing again. If needed, we can run a camera through your toilet to identify the obstruction.

Shower drain cleaning

Shower/Tub Drains

If you notice that the water in your shower or bath isn’t draining quickly, it is likely that the drain has become clogged with hair and soap. You can try to clear the clog yourself with a plunger or barbed drain cleaning stick, but a professional drain cleaning may be necessary.

Bathroom Sink Drain

Bathroom Sink Drains

Over time, toothpaste, soap, hair, and grime can decrease bathroom sink drain performance. Be careful selecting drain cleaning products from the store, as they may be harmful to pipes. Make sure you read the label carefully. If your bathroom drain is slow, or you dropped an earring or another piece of jewelry into the drain, call Will Fix It for help.

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

  • Slow Moving Drain – If your drains take longer to empty of water than normal, a clog forming somewhere in your plumbing is a likely cause. Left unaddressed, this could result in water backups, which are difficult and expensive to clean up.
  • Odors – If you notice an odor in your home and do not know where it is coming from, it may be coming from your drains. Even if they seem to be draining fine, some buildup may be occurring that is the cause of the odor. Fruit flies might also start appearing if food is building up in your pipes.
  • Frequent Clogs – A single clog is not necessarily a problem, but if you find you constantly have to deal with clogs, a serious issue may be forming that needs professionals’ attention.

Other warning signs include gurgling sounds, lack of water pressure, and regurgitated water.

Drain Cleaning Aftercare

It is a good idea to have your pipes cleaned regularly. Between cleanings, use screens to keep food and hair from getting into your pipes. Running hot water through your pipes periodically can also help keep drains running smoothly.

Call Will Fix It to Talk to an Expert Today!

Walking into a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen to find a pool of dirty, foul-smelling water is a nightmare scenario, but the skilled team at Will Fix It has high-quality drain cleaning equipment and provides drain cleaning services that will allow you to rest easy. Call us today for expert help with your drains!

Call Will Fix It to Talk to an Expert Today!