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Prevent Emergencies with a Plumbing Home Service Plan in San Antonio

At Will Fix It in San Antonio, we highly recommend routine inspections and preventative maintenance on your home’s important plumbing systems. By scheduling regular maintenance, often we can uncover small plumbing problems before they become big ones. After all, there’s nothing quite like turning on the hot water for your morning shower only to find out the water heater isn’t working!

That’s why we offer our Will Fix It Plumbing Home Service Plan to provide you the many benefits of preventative maintenance.

Plumbing Home Service Plan

Our Plumbing Home Service Plan includes:

– Annual inspection of key plumbing systems including toilets, emergency shut-offs, washing machine hoses and more

– Check fixture operation and water flow

– DrainRight® Drain Maintainer treatment on all in-home drains

– Free main-line sewer camera inspection upon request with full-size cleanout access

– Priority emergency service within 24 hours of your call

– 10% off service/repairs

– 50% off emergency fees

– Water heater safety inspection including:

  • Inspect controls, wiring and heating elements
  • Drain tank and remove sediment (if practical)
  • Test temperature and pressure relief valve/system
  • Inspect water lines and drain valve
  • Remove and check anode rod condition

To schedule your first plumbing home service plan visit or to order our exclusive DrainRight® Drain Maintainer, call Will Fix It in San Antonio today at 210-333-3300.

Call Will Fix It to Talk to an Expert Today!