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Install New Thermostat in San Antonio

Thermostats have come a long way over the years. At Will Fix It, we offer the latest in programmable and “smart” thermostats. Don’t worry, we can repair older models, too!

Thermostats Repair in San Antonio, TX

Here’s Some More Information About Thermostats

Digital Thermostats

Digital thermostats were a significant advance over the mechanical versions. Digital is more accurate and offer the ability to create programs to more closely match homeowners’ living habits. For example, on in the morning, off at night, different schedule on weekends, etc. While these thermostats offered the ability to program, in reality, many homeowners opted for the “set it and forget it” program. This often meant less energy savings from the programming feature than anticipated.

WiFi Thermostats

For the convenience of controlling the temperature of your home from anywhere and any time, WiFi or “smart” thermostats offer the latest in thermostat technology. As long as you have a working wireless router at home and an internet connection, you can monitor your HVAC system from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. While typically more expensive, these impressive technologies can offer utility savings from more intuitive programming features, as well as doing a much better job of only heating/cooling your home when needed.

Electro-mechanical thermostats

Electro-mechanical thermostats have traditionally used metal coils and a small tube, often using mercury, inside. As the temperature changes, the coils change to push the mercury to one end of its tube or the other. This movement triggers a switch to turn on the system or off.

For any questions about thermostats, thermostat repairs, or thermostat replacements, call Will Fix It in San Antonio at 210-333-3300.

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