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Sewer Line Services By Will Fix It

A broken sewer line can cause stinky, toxic wastewater to back up into your home or business. Once your sewer line is damaged, your property’s entire plumbing system cannot be used. Will Fix It provides emergency sewer line repairs in San Antonio, TX. Our reliable team is here to repair your sewer line and find the root of the problem. Since 1994, we’ve provided knowledgeable experience to the area for heating, cooling, and plumbing needs. Contact us today!

Sewer Line Repair in San Antonio, TX

How Can I Tell If My Sewer Line Is Damaged?

There are a few ways to tell if your sewer line is damaged, including:

  • Backups – If you notice sewage regularly flowing from your drains, it could be caused by a blockage in the main sewer line, preventing it from flowing out of the home.
  • Gas Odor – A damaged sewer line may leak raw sewage, causing it to sit stagnant in the pipes and give off a foul-smelling gas.
  • Drain Issues – If your drains frequently clog, there may be a leak in the main sewer line.
  • Wet Spots in Yard – Sewer lines often cause sewage to rise from the ground, softening or flooding your yard.

Solving Sewer-Related Issues

These are some of the sewer-related issues we handle, all backed by our exceptional service guarantee:

  • Clogged main sewer lines
  • Broken sewer lines
  • Tree root damage
  • Old, worn out, or separated lines
  • Pipe location services
  • We also repair or replace water lines

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Sewer repair doesn’t have to mean heavy digging and debris all over your property. With our non-invasive trenchless sewer repair option, our professionals can fix your sewer line or water main without too much hassle. Trenchless sewer repair requires minimal to no digging to restore your sewer services back to normal. We can use trenchless pipe bursting or trenchless pipe relining and pipe bursting to only use one access point.

Video Sewer Inspection

We use innovative technology to detect many sewer issues. We use a special camera on the end of a fiber-optic cable to assess your sewer line. Our team completes a visual inspection using this camera out to the street. We’ll record the inspection and review the problems to discuss a repair plan.

Why Rely on Will Fix It?

Since 1994, we’ve served the San Antonio area for its heatingcoolingplumbing, and insulation needs. At Will Fix It, you can trust us to be at your service as quickly as possible. We understand sewer problems can cause major issues. When you call our technicians, we’re dedicated to working around your schedule to get your problems fixed. Contact us with any questions about your sewer line. Our competitive rates and free quotes ensure a superior customer service experience.

Contact Us For Sewer Line Repair

If you notice any problems that may be connected to your sewer, call us to get started on finding a solution. We’ll come inspect your system to find the root of the problem. A trusted sewer line is essential to the water supply in your home. We understand how important it is to make sure it is properly working. Contact us today!

Call Will Fix It to Talk to an Expert Today!